“Convenience is our gimmick”

The Lemcor Solid Waste Transfer Station and Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Newark is the most conveniently located disposal facility in the Metropolitan area.

With operating hours of 24/7 365 days per year and just minutes from all major roadways & highways serving the Northern NJ/ NYC area, Lemcor prides itself on its ability to service its customers quickly and conveniently. In what is the busiest and most expensive marketplace in the country, commercial haulers appreciate Lemcor’s ability to move their collection vehicles in and out of our facility quickly and safely. Customer’s vehicles are back on the road servicing their own accounts instead of sitting in line burning fuel and man hours.


A winner of the NJDEP’s Certificate of Environmental Stewardship, our design allows the facility to operate at maximum efficiency for inbound as well as outbound vehicles.

Outbound vendors enjoy the convenience of being loaded separately on a scale which provides the driver with separate axle weights thus avoiding any roadway violations and delays in reaching final disposal destinations.