Frequently Asked Questions

What is a transfer station and Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)?
A transfer station is a facility that accepts solid waste from haulers, businesses and residents. The purpose of a transfer station is to save on the number of vehicles traveling to and from landfills or incinerators and to also cut down on fuel and green house gas emissions. In addition to being a transfer station, Lemcor is also permitted as a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). A MRF accepts a mixed solid waste stream and then proceeds to separate out recyclable materials through a combination of manual and mechanical sorting.  

What happens to the solid waste and recyclables that are collected at Lemcor?
Haulers, businesses, and residents dispose of their waste within the confines of Lemcor’s building on a concrete tipping floor. Recyclables are removed from the waste stream. The waste is then put into transfer trailers and or rail cans and taken to final disposal destinations such as landfills and Resource Recovery Facilities.

What are Lemcor’s hours of operation?
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for commercial customers, and 6am till 9pm for exempt haulers (Home owners).

What are the fees charged for commercial customers?
Pricing for Commercial Customers / haulers is calculated based on volume(s) and payment terms. Commercial Customers can fill out our credit application online and should contact Alfred McIntyre, Accounts Manager at (973) 642–1212 or cell (973) 766–5195.

What is an exempt hauler and what are the rates?
Exempt Haulers are Homeowners bringing from their own home. Exempt vehicles are accepted only from Non Flow controlled Counties. The fee for exempt vehicles is $100 per ton with a one ton minimum, cash only.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Lemcor accepts most major credit cards as well as checks from Commercial Customers with active accounts and approved credit. As previously stated, above Exempt Customers are Cash only. All commercial accounts are prepay until credit terms are approved.

Lemcor collects a Surcharge of 3.5% on the transaction amount of all Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express products which is not greater than the cost of our acceptance.

What types of waste are accepted?

  • Type 10 — Municipal solid waste
  • Type 13 — Bulky Waste
  • Type 13C — Construction & Demolition
  • Type 27 — Dry Industrial waste
  • Type 72 — Bulk liquid and semiliquids (non hazardous)

From which Counties do you accept waste?
We accept waste from all non-flow controlled NJ Counties and NYC.

How can I inquire about employment at Lemcor?
Please email all resumes to our general mailbox →

How can I become a vendor at Lemcor?
All prospective vendor inquiries should be emailed to Armand Lembo Jr. - President →

If I have more questions about Lemcor Inc.’s transfer station, who can I contact?
For more information you can visit our contact page or call us at (973) 642-1212.